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The story of Highlands Lutheran Church is a story of love.

The story begins in 1923 when Highlands was founded. For the next 87 years Highlands would become a beacon in the community. When examining Highlands itself, you may get the impression that as far as numbers go we are…well, small. However we are blessed with a rather large footprint. Highlands opens its doors to community groups such as Grupo Vida and Interfaith Hospitality Network. We are active participants as well as being a location for Share America. It is also the place that numerous girl scouts and boy scouts alike, have called home. It has also been home to All Saints Episcopal Church, and continues to be home to Park Church and People of Hope/Project Salvador. Yes, we may be small in number but we are surrounded in love, and love can be a powerful thing. It has not been an easy road for the church, for the past two years we had been without a pastor. Our numbers had dwindled and we faced our doors closing, but we never lost faith in ourselves or our church. We continued to open our doors to the community, to lean on one another and pray.

Highlands Lutheran Church is a special place. It is a place full of openness, understanding and love. We continue to look for new and different ways to expand our congregation and to serve in our community. It began as a love story in 1923, but even now feels like a new beginning of love and hope.

Come worship with Highlands Lutheran Church, 3995 Irving Street, every Sunday morning at 10:00.

Elizabeth Cain

First Published in The North Denver Tribune 

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