Travis Johnson-Esparza

Intentional Interim Pastor

The HLC Council confirmed that beginning on September 16th, 2016, Pastor Travis Johnson-Esparza will our Intentional Interim Pastor  as we move through the transition and call process. Pastor Travis has a wife, Yajaira, and young son, Joaquin.

Pastor Travis says: “Life is a constant flow of entering and exiting transitions. We can use our awareness of those transitions to identify directions and callings for our present and future. This is not only an axiom of life, but of the Christian narrative. I was captured by the mystique of spirituality as an adult, a period during which Christianity all of a sudden made more sense for directing my life than I had previously given it credit. Hopefully that makes me more approachable to those who are still wondering about whether Christianity has a place for them as an adult. I see myself as best fit to serve God’s church by helping congregations search for, identify, and embrace God’s calling in the midst of pastoral transitions. I was ordained a pastor of the ELCA in the fall of 2013, and began formal training as an intentional interim pastor almost immediately thereafter. I am a father, a husband, and I enjoy a variety of hobbies which include bicycles, backyard BBQ, and ping-pong. My favorite authors are David Foster Wallace and Cormac McCarthy.”

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Interim Pastor Travis Johnson-Esparza

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