Worship is central to our life together as the Body of Christ.

The Greek word translated as "church" is ekklesia, a biblical term that means "called out". Our common pattern for worship is part of what makes us church: The Holy Spirit gathers the people of God around Jesus Christ present in the Word of God and the Sacraments. The people hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, learn about the meaning of his life and teachings. Inspired by God’s Word embodied in Jesus, nourished and strengthened by the power of the Sacraments, the people of God are then called out into the world to imitate Christ and live out his commandment to love their neighbors as Christ loved them.

We use ancient liturgies to mark the connection to our roots, the Early Christian Church. At the same time, the Lutheran Church is always a reforming church, consequently we also use more modern liturgical elements to mark the renewing work of the Holy Spirit among us.

Liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia derived from two root words: laos = the people, and ergas = a work. It was a word that described acts of public service, whether private or collective.

So Liturgy practically means the work of the faithful for God's alternate and upside down kingdom of abundance, forgiveness, freedom, love and grace. Liturgy is work that transforms our world, and benefits all of God's people.

Our Sunday liturgy always includes readings from the Bible. The Bible is a challenging library of books showing how ancient people wrestled with their understanding of God and God's involvement in the world. It is an invitation for us to do the same: wrestle with our understanding of God and God's world.

Communion is a part of liturgy every Sunday. We have an open table - All people without exception are welcome to receive the elements which for us are the body and blood and Christ. Gluten-free and non-alcoholic options are available. 

You, who are reading this, are welcome to come and join us in our Sunday worship and in our work for God’s kingdom!

Worship services are held each Sunday at 10:00 am.  Join us for coffee and fellowship immediately follwing the service!  Be sure to check the calendar for any variations, or special services.  Call the church office for additional information  303-477-2031.


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